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Tourney Admission fees for all day at all gyms varies for Jamborees, Tourneys and Classic. In some cases prices are adjusted for Washington Middle School Qualifier events.  

One Day Jamboree Pricing for all day is $4 adult, $3 students/seniors and children 6 and under are free. All players, two coaches or one coach and scorekeeper are admitted free.

Tournament passes for all gyms all weekend are available at $5.00 for students, $8.00 for adults and family passes $25(includes parent(s) and children only)

Classic passes for all gyms Both Friday and Saturday are available for $7.00 on Friday for both days for adults and $5.00 for students. Friday Day pass is $3 fpr adults and $2 for students and seniors.  On Saturday day admission price is $5 for adult and $3 for student.

Jamboree Rules


1. Games are 16 minute halves (running clock).  The clock will stop during the last minute of second half.  One minute halftime.  Two 1-minute timeouts per game.  Overtime situations will be “sudden-death” within a 1 minute (stop clock) maximum duration.  

2. We will not keep track of team fouls to allow the game to run quickly. Only shooting fouls will be shot with the exception in the final minute of the 2nd half all non-shooting fouls will be 1 and 1. In overtime all non-shooting fouls are 1 and 1

3. A technical foul will result in an automatic 2 points and the ball out of bounds for the opposing team.  Two technical fouls by any one player or coach will result in automatic suspension from play or coaching for the remainder of the jamboree.  No Pressing in 4th and 5th Grades and No Pressing allowed if a team is ahead by 15 points or more.

4. Games will run quickly.  In order to maximize your basketball time please advise your team to hustle on and off the court during substitutions and time-outs, and by lining up quickly for inbound and free-throw situations…the clock is running!  

In addition, please instruct your players and fans to stay off the court during timeouts and between games.  Only the teams playing in the current game should be on the court.  This will help us stay on schedule.  

5. Admission all day is $5 for adults, $3 for students/Seniors, and 6 and under is free.  Concessions (including water and sport drink) will be available.  Please help us by cleaning up your bench area after each game.

6. Please inform your team and fans to be considerate to the officials and the school facilities.  This will assist us in our ability of hosting future basketball events.

7. Teams listed 1st will be the home team and should wear the lighter color jersey.

We anticipate a fun day of basketball and look forward to seeing you and your team.